How to get Pregnant

How to get pregnant

How to get Pregnant

How to get pregnant?

Pregnancy is very important and you cannot take any chance. Make sure that you are aware how to get pregnant by knowing the current scenario. Predicting the ovulation time and knowing the do’s and don’t’s of conception and fertility can help you get pregnant. For some couples, pregnancy happens very easily while for others it may just be a try. Here are few tips from our doctors to help you conceive naturally:

How to predict Ovulation?

It is important to be well aware about your menstrual cycle to optimize your chances of pregnancy. During every menstrual cycle, the hormones get secreted in a coordinated manner by the pituitary gland near the brain to stimulate the ovary to release the egg. The process by which the egg is released is called ovulation. The ideal time to get pregnant is when the egg releases. It is now possible to fairly predict the ovulation time and any of the following ways would work:

Calendar method: Keep a note of when your period starts for several months. Ovulation usually occurs 14 days in advance of a menstrual period. This will help you to estimate the approximate time when you can try to conceive.

Ovulation kits: These are widely available which can be used to predict accurate ovulation. They test the urine which will help to identify ovulation. They may vary depending upon each manufacturer. Follow the instructions in the label for better results.

The other methods are:

• Tracking the body temperature which rises slightly around the time of menstruation
• The cervical mucus method that depends on noting an increase in clear slippery vaginal secretions at the time of menstruation.
However these two methods are more cumbersome when compared to the others.

Do's for fertility:

Have regular sex: Couples need to have regular sex to become pregnant. They need to have sex at least 2 to 3 times a week. Healthy couples who want to conceive need not set any limit on the number of times you can have sex!

Concentrate on the time of ovulation:

When you predict the time of ovulation using any of the above methods, have daily intercourse around this period (plus or minus 2-3 days). For healthy males, there is no practical concern on the miniscule drop in sperm count with frequent wsex (that picks up after a few days of abstinence) is of no practical concern.

Take your vitamins:

Folic acid is vital for foetal development. Start consuming folic acid supplements a few months before you plan to conceive.

Follow healthy lifestyle:

Pregnancy affects your health, so you need to have a healthy start. Both the partners need to reduce stress, maintain a healthy diet and follow a moderate physical activity to optimize fertility. 
You can reach out to our doctors and get a medical screening done, while you try to conceive and get few useful tips on conception that you might not found on the web.
Talk to us if you have any queries on how to get pregnant, the do’s for fertility, how to predict it. Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre offers expert advice on this. We are available 24/7 at your service.

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