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Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre, best fertility clinic in Chennai has been instrumental by giving few couples the opportunity to become proud parents. By realizing the importance of the eggs in the ovary, we always try to arrange for the right donor who can donate eggs.

Donor Eggs:

When a woman’s ovary does not produce eggs or if they are of poor quality even after the consumption of fertility boosting medicines, then Oocyte donation also known as egg donation seems to be the only way for a woman to have a child. In cases like these, it is impossible for a woman to get pregnant with her own eggs. This may be due to the following reasons:
• Age of the woman
• Disease affecting the ovaries
• Genetic abnormalities
• Prior surgeries which led to the removal of the ovaries
• Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy treatments for cancer patients may also lead to the destroyal of the ovaries

Who can be a donor?

If you know a person who is willing to donate her eggs and if she meets the required criteria, then she is more than welcomed. In case she fails to meet the criteria then our successful donor program will provide you with the required eggs.

An egg donor must satisfy the following criteria:
• The age of the donor should be between 21-35 years
• The donor should be free from HIV, Hepatitis B and C infections, Hypertension, Diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases and identifiable and common genetic disorders like Thalassemia.
• Previous fertility status influences the success of the donor program

How can an egg donor help?

The couple opting for this procedure need to undergo few tests to find out if any other option is feasible for them. A donor program can be chosen when the female partner fails to produce eggs even after the consumption of fertility boosting medicines.

At Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre, the egg donor is thoroughly examined to find out if she is fit for this program. Then stimulation is done with the help of fertility enhancing hormones. This is done so that she is able to produce more eggs, which can then be retrieved through oocyte retrieval under the influence of anaesthesia. The retrieved eggs are injected along with the male partner’s sperm using Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) technique. This results in the formation of embryos. A serial scan is done once the recipient’s uterus is ready with the hormones. This is done to ensure that the uterus inner lining is fit for the embryo transfer to take place. The embryos are transferred to the recipient once the scan and blood test results are found satisfactory.

Talk to us if you have any doubts on donor eggs. We have an expertized team to serve you 24/7. At Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre, we try to get the best quality eggs at the best price.

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