About Infertility

About Infertility

Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre, the best centre in Chennai for infertility treatments uses various techniques or methods depending upon the person’s requirements. We advise the right treatment for the right patient depending on their problem and issue.

What does infertility mean?

Infertility basically refers to the inability of a person to conceive or reproduce by natural means. This may happen despite of having frequent, unprotected intercourse for six months or a year. This is quite common and 10-15% of couples are said to face this problem. So, you need not stress yourself as there are many others who are facing the same problem.

When to seek medical help for infertility problems?

• Unsuccessful attempts for about a year or more
• Age above 30-40 years
• Irregular or no menstruation
• Previous gynaecological diseases like POS, endometriosis or infection
• Multiple abortions
• Either of the partners undergone Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy as part of their cancer treatment
• If the male partner has undergone Scrotal or Inguinal surgery
• When the scrotum gets swollen
• Low sperm count or abnormal semen analysis
• If the testes is small
Talk to us on fertility issues, we have experts who will guide you through the process.

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