Ovarian Surgery

Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre, Chennai’s best fertility clinic has performed many successful treatments that have cured many infertility treatments. Ovarian surgery requires more careful attention while treating for Endometriosis, Polycystic ovarian disease, cysts and cancers.

Ovaries are important organs that are essential for carrying out a multitude of functions that are related to womanhood. Ovaries play an important role in menstruation cyclical changes with each menstrual period, pregnancy, and several important hormonal functions in woman. Being a reproductive and endocrine (hormone-related) organ, it is subject to influence from various organ systems such as the brain, the uterus and insulin system. It can therefore be affected in various circumstances.

Endometriosis :

Endometriosis refers to the growth which is lining the uterus (endometrium) outside the uterine cavity. The endometrium can sometimes grow within the ovary. In such cases, these bleed with each menstrual cycle and form a cyst filled with blood. These are referred to as 'chocolate cysts' due to their appearance. Endometriosis can affect the function of the ovary and cause infertility. In such cases, ovarian surgery to decompress and eliminate areas of endometriosis may be required for reproductive function to normalize.

Polycystic ovarian disease:

Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) results in the formation of multiple fluid filled cavities called cysts with the ovaries. Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) impedes the functioning of the ovary and is a leading cause of infertility. Medical management with hormonal medicines is the first line of management. Ovarian drilling may however be required in cases with resistant Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD).

Cysts and Cancers:

As ovary is a reproductive organ with a high turnover of cells, it is liable to the formation of cysts and cancers. Simple cysts of the ovary may be followed carefully in a majority of cases with no further intervention required. If they are symptomatic or there is a suspicion for malignancy, surgery may be required. Ovarian cystectomy refers to the removal of the cyst alone. Oophorectomy refers to the removal of the entire ovary. The particular option chosen for you will depend on the individual condition of the mass.

Torsion ovary:

The ovary is normally suspended in the peritoneal cavity by a pedicle. It may twist around its pedicle resulting in strangulation of blood vessels that supply the ovary. This condition is called torsion and is more common in ovaries with cysts. This results in acute and severe pain and usually needs immediate surgical correction.

How is ovarian surgery done?

Removal of simple cysts and ovarian drilling are usually done by laparoscopic techniques. The ovarian cysts which are not cancerous usually contain fluid/ blood inside the cyst. The fluid is aspirated first and the cyst gets collapsed. The cyst wall is excised through the laparoscope. Thus simple cysts of the ovary, even when they are large, can be removed with laparoscopic techniques. If the cyst is cancerous or has solid elements, open technique with a standard incision is required to ensure complete and precise removal. Please refer to our section on laparoscopic surgery to know more about the expected perioperative course with a laparoscopic surgery.

Ovarian surgery performed using laparoscopic technique.

Ovarian Surgery

How will you be after a hysterectomy?

What to expect after ovarian surgery?

Ovarian drilling and cystectomy usually allow the ovary to function well after the surgery. The ovary needs to be monitored after the surgery to ensure that the problem does not recur. However, if all or a major part of the ovary is removed, it compromises the ovarian function. The hormonal support provided by the ovary is lost and women attain early menopause. In women with early menopause and menopausal symptoms such as flushes, hormonal support with medicines may be required. They also need to guard against the risk of osteoporosis from premature menopause.

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